Cracking the potential of $Genslr, WAGMI?

“From $PEPE to $Genslr? Dafaq?”

Aped into $PEPE at 50m MC, and exited at 1.5b MC. My target was 1b, and to see it shoot to 2b in a flash was something to watch especially when the market’s crabbing and thus boring. $PEPE’s got solid fundamentals just by its profile pic and name being PEPE, nothing else. My bet is it’s gonna flip SHIB at the least but considering the current market conditions, looks like t’s going to take a while. Anything under 500m would be a reasonable grab I’d say.

I didn’t want to ass out with just $PEPE though. Maybe who knows? Maybe it’s that time of the crypto season where shitcoins go crazy and make degens millions (but also lose millions..). Who would have not wanted to ape into DOGE and SHIB when their MC was barely 100m? In crypto, hindsight is def 20/20.

Rummaging through a whole bunch of shitcoins to find the next gem like $BEN, $TURBO, this one coin got me real good.


DAFAQ?.. lol

Why would anyone make a coin seemingly supportive of Gary Gensler who’s butchering the
crypto space right now? Nah.. it’s a different Gary.. according to the community, it’s the “GOOD” Gary $Genslr without the “e”. Got me curious real good, hit the website, and found the whole load of narratives around the coin.

So according to the narrative, Good Gary Genslr (i.e. GGG, or triple G) is the founder of the
Intergalactic Crypto Defense League (ICDL) from a parallel universe (???) setting out on a mission to beat the shit out of Gary Gensler at SEC to “save” the crypto space on his vspaceship called Coin Collector (lol). There’s a whole lot more but this is basically the outline of it; tapping the good old Marvel heroism to attract a certain type of crypto demographic that are into sarcasm (primarily North Americans).

The narrative seemed pretty solid to me, except they’re making a new meme completely from scratch unlike coins like $WOJAK that capitalizes on the already-formed fandom. A tough way up yes, if it ever makes its way into the American demographic, the sky would be the limit.. is my bet. The team’s been churning out high-qual memes and pictures, and the community seems pretty motivated to pump and shill the token together.

“Bout monies?”

From a trading perspective, it’s current market cap is 2.4m with 4.5k holders. Volume’s not too bad with 283k in 24 hours, but it should take 10x that volume to see it pump. Low volume, meager price action. There’s a handful of ETH-rich wallets according to ETHscan holding a shit load right now either waiting to pump or dump. There’s been two pumps so far, with fat wallets having profited. It’s now consolidating between 0x8.3200 and 0x8.8000. For it to pump past the recent high would take a solid trade of bags between whales like new whales aping in with more dry powder. Small fish will follow along.

A very interesting financial aspect of this memecoin is that it has a certain market cap goal,
which is between $41 million and $119 million. Yupp that’s the mighty net worth of SEC Gary Gensler. Isn’t that hilarious? a memecoin looking to flip the social net worth of a politician? I say that’s the real life use case lol

Obviously the community’s keen on flipping that 119m and shoot up more. They got a whole lot rolling out right now like games and stuff, but beware of too much hopium. To be straight with the facts, it’s now kind of stuck with the member count without more flowing in. Why?

“The twist of Sarcasm”

My first guess is cuz of its ambivalent nature of the name itself. Like everyone in crypto hates Gary Gensler, why would you want to buy a token that seems to be shilling the name of the nemesis Gary Gensler? Why would you want to make him so popular with a coin? No one wants to see his face, much less his name anywhere.

The token itself is a tongue-in-cheek sarcastic attempt to capitalize on a twist to the
current animosity towards the alpha of SEC. And when there’s a saying love and hate are
actually two different words calling the same thing, so why not? But again, it’s that “twist” part.. it takes one more step for the masses to adopt the narrative and token to get on the hero $Genslr train. When crypto level of literacy and attention span measure at the level of a six grader next door trying to steal your Nine-bot, how you gonna do it?

I’d say the community needs more memes and pictures that are more intuitive.. like a meme wherein the main character from the parallel universe is a “different” Gary and that it’s beating the shit out of the other Gary or something. Something that doesn’t take reading further into. Something that’s more visual than wordy. Something that makes you go “aha!”. It took me a whole lot of reading to actually get what the token was, not to mention having been frustrated at times by some memes that look like they are actually beautifying, supporting Gary Gensler of SEC.

On top of that, this nature of sarcasm is very niche and specific to the American demographic, so the reach I think will be limited to that group; limited but very specific at the same time, double-edged sword. I’d say if the community could make a solid presence in the popular American internet groups like Wallstreetbets, gamers and whatnot and sell hard the sarcasm, the bet could really really be on (hopefully, Gary don resign or something before then).

It’s still early I think, and let’s see how things pan out.

Willie Zboncak
Willie Zboncak
I have over 10 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency and have written several books on the subject. I am a well-known authority in this industry and have been interviewed by major media outlets. I am passionate about helping people understand this complex and often misunderstood industry.

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